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About me

Calvin Kerr Jr. has had many opportunities to work in many diverse occupations and positions throughout his military and civilian careers, including First Sergeant, Army Instructor (Junior Reserve officer Training Corps), High School Basketball Coach, Registered Dental Hygienist, Real Estate Consultant, Financial Advisor, Drill Instructor, Calvary Scout, Infantryman, Track Commander, Machine Gunner, Grenadier, and Rifleman. Sometimes the aforementioned jobs entailed being placed in many unpleasant places. He admits that one of his biggest disappointments occurred when he was released by an Air Force Colonel at the Pentagon and found himself without a job. It turned out to be a blessing because he was able to allot enough time to finish his first publication, Hard Head City.



This book is composed of eight short stories in which the author includes his own thoughts regarding particular subjects, highlighting the historical significance and painting a vivid picture of past occurrences that made a mark in history. One of the most remarkable entries he notes is about the racial discrimination suffered by African-Americans in the 1960’s. He tells how Martin Luther King made a difference when he led the movement for equal rights. He also described his feelings when four decades later; the first black American President was elected.


Other stories speak of the life in the military and training camps. He worked as a drill instructor and witnessed many incidents involving the people under his command. Some tell of other people’s tales that reminisce the sufferings they have been through, the struggles and the obstacles they had to overcome in order to triumph and live on. The stories spread out from cities and posts, and even include one that took place in the jungle of Panama as told by the author. It is filled with honest emotions that clutch at one’s heart, and at the same time, provides an abundance of information useful in the field of history and geography.