Bond With Your Baby
Pregnancy is a great time to start building a strong connection with your child. Get to see your baby's kicking and moving. Plus, getting to know her in utero will make labor less overwhelming.

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Comfortable Environment
Your ultrasound, sometimes called sonogram, will happen in a professional clinic. Yours and your baby's comfort is very important. If you bring quests, they can view ultrasound on 1 of 3 HDTV right in the room with you and your baby.
Latest Ultrasound Equipment
The quality of the images that we are able to produce is a big improvement over what patients are accustomed to receiving. A much better view of fetal anatomy and facial characteristics.

So how does it work?

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Show Up For Your Ultrasound
After confirming your appointment date and time, show up at our office. That's it, simple, easy and fun. We'd love to be a part of your special moment.

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